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Feb 28, 2023

Maps Credit Union COO Rachel Pross shares business takeaways from a recent outdoor adventure that veered off script. Also, a big 2019 payments deal gets unwound, and Glen rants about recession.
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Feb 21, 2023

Listen, man… ChatGPT shares its thoughts on junk fees, and John and Glen share their thoughts on ChatGPT- which have become more guarded given recent revelations. Also, why have the hands become AI’s Achilles’ heel?     
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John’s January CU Town Hall demo of ChatGPT illustrating...

Feb 14, 2023

Glen’s visit to Deluxe Exchange- during Super Bowl week!- scores interviews covering the future workforce, a small business inflection point, an acceleration in payment speed, and an unexpected jolt of economic optimism.
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Feb 7, 2023

Glen’s pre-gaming for CUNA’s Government Affairs Conference includes interviews with CUNA’s Chief Product Officer Todd Spiczenski about this year‘s priorities, and Filene’s Community Development Director Cortney Arnold about the storied history of the GAC Crasher program.  
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