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Feb 7, 2023

Glen’s pre-gaming for CUNA’s Government Affairs Conference includes interviews with CUNA’s Chief Product Officer Todd Spiczenski about this year‘s priorities, and Filene’s Community Development Director Cortney Arnold about the storied history of the GAC Crasher program.  
Links related to this episode:
The Filene Research Institute’s 2023 Crasher cohort: 
Our interview with the Ukrainian Self-Reliance Credit Union following last year’s emotional GAC presentation:  
The CFPB’s statement on banking “junk fees”: 
The White House’s broader statement on an initiative to combat these fees across sectors: 
Check out the CU Crypto Report- This newly issued report leverages anonymized, crowdsourced CU data to illuminate how credit union members fit into the cryptocurrency movement and what role CUs can play. Get your free copy here: 

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