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May 1, 2018

Join John Janclaes, CEO of Partners FCU, as he shares part two of his five-part series highlighting Partners’ journey through digital transformation while employing the agile mindset. In this episode, you will hear from members of the cross functional agile team as they detail the last two months of their training and what the agile methodology has done for their teams as they attempt to move 2x as fast through their transformation process.  

John shares lessons he and his team have learned. 

  • Why do two-thirds of transformational projects fail? 
  • How being opening to learning as a team is imperative for transformational change 
  • How to expose your internal processes in order to objectively analyze your agile capabilities.
  • The importance of “Make a plan, work a plan.” 
  • Thinking to the future: How to prepare your teams for a continuous rate of change. 

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