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Feb 27, 2024

John recaps ten years of BIG ideas, recounts tech expectations circa 2015, and ponders the potential of AI, for better or worse. Plus- Glen wonders what happens if the Cap One/Discover deal doesn’t go through.   
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Replay of the full BIG 10th Anniversary CU Town Hall (with video):

Feb 20, 2024

John and Glen check in with PSCU Co-Op CEO Chuck Fagan to learn about progress combining the two organizations. Plus- initial thoughts on Capital One’s proposed Discover acquisition.   
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FAQs on the PSCU/Co-Op combination: 
PSCU Member Forum April...

Feb 13, 2024

From the windy shores of Miami Beach, Glen chats with Barlow Research about the often overlooked banking habits of small and mid-market businesses. Also- some fresh (and well-sourced) AI nuggets, and Chase places a contrarian bet on the future of the branch.  
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Barlow Research:

Feb 6, 2024

Glen speaks with Becky Reed about a proposed new Web3-focused credit union, and how it actually represents a return to the CU movement’s roots. Also- a Whole New Worldpay, and data on some unexpected consumer payment behavior.  
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Defy, a proposed federal credit union: