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Dec 26, 2017

John and Glen recap their top stories from a never-a-dull-moment 2017 in fintech, including Bitcoin’s wild ride, Uber’s and Equifax’s headaches, and the rise of the chatbots.

In This Episode:

  • Looking back at what John and Glen were saying about Bitcoin a year ago- when it was worth a paltry $1,000- the “hodl”...

Dec 21, 2017

In this episode of C-Suite Interviews, John Janclaes looks back over 2017 and shares highlights from his best conversations with the top minds in leadership, and announces the 2018 Partners Credit Union Digital Transformation Journey Documentary series. 

In this episode:

Relive 2017's insightful conversations...

Dec 19, 2017

This week, John is joined by Rojin Nair, General Manager of Fintech Solutions at Celero, to discuss the Canadian Credit Union landscape, highlight from this year in Fintech, and key points that leaders must keep in mind in order to keep up in this breakneck era of innovation.  

In this episode:

  • Explore how the Canadian...

Dec 14, 2017

Glen reports from Filene's Big Bright Minds conference, including on-site interviews about recruiting top talent, sparking member engagement, and fighting for the right to say "bank." Also- the best album of 2017, robot soccer, and why driverless cars are even more disruptive than you think.


In this episode:

  • Glen...

Dec 12, 2017

John is joined by Elizabeth Robins, Director of Product for Best Innovation Group, to discuss how voice technologies will soon proliferate the banking space. Learn what your credit union will need to stay ahead of curve. 

Show notes:

  • John and Elizabeth discuss BIG’s FIVE (Financial Innovations Voice Experience)...