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Apr 18, 2023

We celebrate a milestone with fun facts from the first 100 episodes of our CU Town Hall, and share highlights from last month’s session with author/futurist Brett King. Also, FedNow refutes CBDC conspiracy theories- in real-time.    
Links related to this episode:
The CU Town Hall archives: 
Town Hall #100 with Brett King: 
Brett’s latest book, “The Rise of Technosocialism”: 
Episode #68- Cannabis banking with Sundie Seefried: 
Episode #85- CUs and Crypto with UNIFY CEO Gordon Howe: 
The Fed revises its FedNow FAQs to tamp down CBDC confusion:’s coverage of the bizarre FedNow “controversy” (NOTE- Glen finds this narrative misleading, but indicative of the social media dialogue): 
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