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Dec 14, 2017

Glen reports from Filene's Big Bright Minds conference, including on-site interviews about recruiting top talent, sparking member engagement, and fighting for the right to say "bank." Also- the best album of 2017, robot soccer, and why driverless cars are even more disruptive than you think.


In this episode:

  • Glen speaks with Filene’s i3 innovation team about their proof of concept for the Karma Direct community engagement platform
  • Filene Fellow Sekou Bermiss shares insights on “The Laws of Attraction,” research on effective strategies for talent recruitment
  • Marc-Andre Pigeon of the Canadian Credit Union Association updates the north-of-the-border skirmish re: use of bank and credit union terminology
  • Research on the downstream implications for credit unions of autonomous vehicles
  • A visit to the University of Texas robotics lab, and the various types of computer learning



  • Filene Research Institute:
  • Sekou Bermiss’ “Laws of Attraction” presentation:
  • For more info on Karma Direct contact Marnie Gerkhardt at Filene:
  • RoboSoccer finals:
  • A sampling of Protomartyr’s “Relatives in Descent,” the best album of 2017: