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Apr 17, 2018

Glen turns the tables on John and interviews HIM about his new book addressing the digital transformation challenges facing credit unions and community banks.  Also- theories on Bitcoin's recent price recovery, and a debate on insider tweeting.

This episode is sponsored by - Be sure to  submit your application by 4/20/18 for Global Innovations Award

Show notes:

  • John lays out tips and tricks to aid your organization in taking the leap to digital.
  • Explore why FinTech partnerships can foster new growth with minimal disruption.
  • John details tried and tested implementation advice.
  • Phase 2 Syndrome: how to avoid ruts in digital transformation.
  • Glen and John introduce the Breaking Digital Gridlock companion website and digital readiness assessment.

Relevant Links: BAI Global Innovation Awards; applications due by April 20 BAI Beacon conference, in Orlando October 9-11 Buy John’s book, Breaking Digital Gridlock, and explore the companion website!  John's interview with Brett King on the Breaking Banks podcast   Trellance's Immersion 18 conference, where John and Glen will be speaking, May 8-11 in Fort Lauderdale