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Oct 30, 2017

John and Glen recap highlights from October 2017's 11,000-strong Money 20/20 conference, including interviews with GPShopper co-founder Maya Mikhailov and CU Wallet veteran Karl Cherry. Featuring plenty of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and a "Rick and Morty" reference. 

In This Episode:

  • John provides updates on exciting new developments with CU Ledger and Hyperledger
  • Discussion of Money 20/20’s Artificial Intelligence keynotes by Steve Wozniak and Ray Kurzweil
  • Karl Cherry shares his perspectives on the Money 20/20 AI sessions and the endgame for CU Wallet
  • The difference between Conversational Commerce and Contextual Commerce, the notion of fintech becoming “ambient,” and GPShopper co-founder Maya Mikhailov’s take on these trends
  • John’s take on industry announcements by Uber, Intuit and t0
  • PayPal’s and MasterCard’s appeal for fintech to solve the unbanked issue

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