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Oct 16, 2017

From the BIGCast Vault, John walks you through Phase 2 Syndrome symptoms, how organizations develop the condition and how to harness agile methodologies to treat it.  

In This Episode:

  • An introduction to Phase 2 Syndrome, what it is, what is the cause and who is responsible.
  • Replacing the traditional waterfall methodology with agile to address Phase 2 Syndrome.
  • Continuous updates / continuous delivery as a solution to Phase 2 Syndrome.
  • How agile sprints allow your organization to implement continuous updates and address the challenges associated with applying patches and updates.
  • How to start implementing continuous updates in your organization to drive both new product implementations and continuous updates, and why these are two separate processes with different team members.
  • Where to start? Want to learn more about Agile? BIG can help your credit union design an agile digital strategy to address Phase 2 Syndrome.

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