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Feb 6, 2018

Kirk Kordeleski, former CEO of Bethpage and current Chief Strategy Officer of Best Innovation Group, joins John on this week’s BIGCast to announce Kirk’s new show on the BIGCast Network! Join John and Kirk as they discuss the valuable strategy topics that Kirk will bring to the table in his upcoming monthly show. 

In this Episode:


  • John and Kirk discuss the perception of strategy and the fundamental pieces that can help CUs differentiate themselves from their competition. 
  • How a focus on learning together is a key contributor to success in your organization’s growth strategy. 

  • Discover how the Credit Union’s unique combination of a cooperative and a business allows CUs to win on two difficult points: price and service. 

  • Culture: How to harness the people in your organization and their skillsets to strengthen your credit union. 

  • Learn the three key components to creating successful teams.

  • Explore how an ‘outside of the industry’ perspective is key in planning for your organization’s future. 

  • Plan B, Plan C and Plan D: How having several strategic plans in place is a requirement in the current business landscape.  

  • Collaboration: The ultimate shield against disruption 

  • The frozen middle: How to move past protecting your organization from change 

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