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Dec 21, 2017

In this episode of C-Suite Interviews, John Janclaes looks back over 2017 and shares highlights from his best conversations with the top minds in leadership, and announces the 2018 Partners Credit Union Digital Transformation Journey Documentary series. 

In this episode:

Relive 2017's insightful conversations with

  • Howard Behar (Former President - Starbucks International)
  • Tom Hogan (President and CEO - Kony Inc.)
  • Tony Boutelle (CEO - CUDirect)
  • Professor Jenny Dorrach (Dean of Drucker Business School at Claremont College)
  • David Burger (Founder and President - Burger Concinnity Group)
  • Micah Jindal (Boston Consulting Group)
  • Matt Fullbrook (Manager of Clarkson Centre for Board Effectiveness).