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Jan 4, 2018

In This Episode:

  • John shares his predictions about the next year in Cryptocurrency 
  • Make your own prediction on Bitcoin’s 2018 year-end price by tweeting @jbfintech! 
  • Equifax and the upcoming year in databreaches
  • Net Neutrality deregulation – How will it disrupt the fintech space?
  • The future of Net Neutral ISPs 
  • Credit Unions and Agile Methodology in 2018 – it’s time to embrace agile throughout your entire institution.
  • Voice first platforms and their impending future as banking touchpoints
  • Uber and a Tiny Home: The hosts debate how the financial sector will have to change as society’s relationship to fundamental needs such as shelter and transportation drastically evolve. 
  • BIG ideas about the future relationship of autonomous vehicles and financial institutions 
  • HIPAA for the Financial Sector: How the EUs PSD2 regulations will transform the banking space around the globe, despite America’s aversion to regulation 
  • Value Exchange: The future of payroll lending options based upon Walmart’s new partnership with Even. 
  • The rise of ‘Just in Time Learning’ – How audio education will outpace reading.
  • AI is about to go mainstream. How will it become a cornerstone of credit union decisioning?
  • The Big Domino is about to drop: Why credit unions need to embrace and plan for the continuing rise of crytpocurrency